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Why Choose Bulk Powders™

Would you pay up even a fraction of a cost for obscene celebrity endorsements & humungous advertisement budgets running from thousands to millions of euros or dollars? We bet you wouldn't want to. That's why we are here. We are able to offer you unbeatable prices on major sports nutrition products. By buying directly from the world's leading ingredient manufacturers, eliminating ALL middlemen (distributors, retailers and other commission agents), we are able to offer rock bottom prices on all major sports nutrition products. We shop around the world to provide you with the very best in business, something even big brands don't bother to.
We offer world's finest quality proteins, flavouring systems, amino acids and standardised herbal extracts to our customers. You won't find us spiking out proteins with cheap amino acids such as Lysine (which is used as pig feed) and creatine monohydrate to spike up the protein levels. Major companies do that to add more profit margins by adding these cheap amino acids (while using inferior quality protein such as WPC30 or WPC70 in just about every protein product they get their hands on while marketing them as "Highly Anabolic Formula". What you see is what you get from us. 100% pure protein with absolutely zero additives added to it. The protein percentage depicted on the label is for real. A certificate of analysis of every products is available on request. 
We offer some of the largest range of products that actually work! All the ingredients what we have on offer have undergone extensive scientific human trials on their safety as well as effectiveness.
We don't want our customers to lurch in dark when it comes to knowing how much of a particular ingredient is actually inside the bottle he/she has just bought. No pixie dust amounts to make a product look like "Damn! It's Loaded with SO MANY ingredients". Everything is clearly put down and included in legitimate quantities as per as scientific studies.
We make sure that the milk proteins you're using are derived from cows/buffaloes which are NOT treated with r-BGH/Antibiotics, are grass fed, free range (and not tied up year along chugging down GMO Corn feed). We guarantee that all the milk proteins (including whey protein concentrate, isolate, hydrolysate, micellar casein, milk protein isolate, hydrolysed casein) are sourced from leading dairies in Denmark, Switzerland and Germany. One simply cannot get a better quality milk from anywhere in the world than these countries.
Did you know that most branched chain amino acid (BCAA) supplements are made with synthetic amino acids, derived from human hair or bird feathers? Because eating human hair or duck feathers is disgusting, we make sure that all amino acid products we carry are manufactured from 100% natural, raw ingredients (vegetables) of non-animal origin. Guaranteed 100% Vegan Amino Acids with near 100% purity. Impurities found in other brands of amino acids can be as much as six times higher.
All the products are manufactured and packaged at our state of manufacturing facility located in the state of Sachsen, Germany - typical to very high German standards - true to it's "Made in Germany" heritage before exported all the way to India. Due to our centralised manufacturing location in Europe and even shorter lead times, we're able to formulate, manufacture and ship the product at a very fast rate which leads to unparalleled product freshness before it reaches your doorstep.
95% or more sports nutrition products in the market are currently loaded with potential harmful artificial flavours, sweeteners, colours and preservatives. Potential side effects may include diminished sex drive, gastrointestinal problems, seizures, dizziness, and migraines, blurred vision, allergic reactions, blood sugar increases and weight gain. Taking products that are loaded with artificial colours, sweeteners and potentially dangerous chemicals seems like we are taking a step back from our ultimate goal - to feel and look great. That is why we choose to create only the best, using evidence-based nutrients from the world's top suppliers, in researched doses without any unnecessary, unproven ingredients making sure that they are naturally flavoured and sweetened to perfection.
Many of us knowingly or unknowingly consume non-veg shiny shells derived from cows, pigs and other animals. Approximately 70% of the companies use gelatin capsules which are cheap. Gelatin is an animal by-product that is formed from collagen, a protein obtained from connective tissues, as well as certain organs of animals, which majority of our consumers see as a major drawback. So, absolutely no religious sentiments to play with, we make sure that all of our capsule products are guaranteed 100% vegetarian/vegan and made from pine-derived plant cellulose, or fermented tapioca – 100% safe and traceable while preservative-free, GMO & gluten free, 100% biodegradable and wholly sustainable. Additionally, unlike gelatin capsules, vegetarian capsules have no known potential health risks, even when consumed in a long term scenario as they are 100% natural and nontoxic.

Your Sport


Each sporting discipline requires physical effort that involves both the muscular and cardiovascular systems. Depending on the nature, duration, and intensity of exercise the body activates series of mechanisms (enzymes, hormones, etc) that mobilise and use different resources (nutrients, energy, etc. for muscle contraction). Carbohydrates, protein and lipids (fat) provide the energy necessary for maintaining various vital functions during rest and physical activity. Moreover, the body uses two main thermoregulatory mechanisms to regulate body temperature: radiation (emission of heat) and sweating (loss of liquids and minerals).

What Happens?

Muscle contraction causes an increase in body temperature. In order to control this rise in body heat the body produces sweat, which evaporates from the skins surface avoiding dangerous rises in body temperature and helping to maintain optimal athletic performance. Depriving the body of fluid tends to increase the rate of dehydration, which is associated with marked decrements in performance, increased susceptibility to cramps, a sensation of fatigue, and health risk. A 5% decrease in total body water content can lead to a 30% reduction in athletic performance, with a high risk of cramping. It is therefore necessary to ingest fluids both before and during physical activity, especially during extreme climates to avoid the risk of dangerous fluid losses.

In addition to fluid losses, other factors can play a decisive role in performance. The body metabolises glucose, minerals, and some amino acids, and an inadequate supply of any of these during performance can be detrimental to the sporting result. Sports performance can also be significantly compromised by a reduction in blood glucose and/or muscle glycogen concentration. The greater the duration and intensity of exercise, the greater the energy demand before, during and after the performance will be. The body has an ample supply of lipid to fuel the body's normal metabolic demands, and is also used as an energy source during the later stages of more prolonged, strenuous sporting disciplines (marathons, triathlons). If a normal, well-trained athlete is optimally nourished, the body's glucose (carbohydrate) reserves are generally sufficient to fuel the body's energy requirements during performance. However, if the body's glucose reserves are severely depleted, the muscle then utilises protein as an energy source, causing protein catabolism (muscle breakdown). The glucose energy reserves therefore play a crucial role in depicting the outcome of exercise (muscle adaptation/breakdown). Blood and muscle glucose levels are also linked to feelings of fatigue onset. Hypoglycaemia, the decrease in blood glucose levels below the normal physiological limit of 5mmol/L, rapidly and severely compromises performance. Adequate glucose replenishment supplies the central nervous system and muscles with a readily-available supply of energy. This can help by maintaining strength for longer, improving concentration and neuro-muscular coordination, and delaying the onset of both physical and mental fatigue. Sometimes during extremely intense exercise it is also important to ingest amino acids (proteins are made of amino acids) in order to buffer the energy demand and reduce muscle catabolism and attenuate fatigue.

What You Need To Know

he need to adequately restore degenerated glycogen (storage form of glucose) stores, along with lost fluids and electrolytes has been identified through experience and scientific results to be vitally important to performance. Supplementing these substances, both before and during performance can dramatically enhance the sporting outcome. For optimal re-hydration practices, fluid preparations for sportsmen and women must contain the essential electrolytes (Sodium (Na), Potassium (K), Chlorine (Cl), Magnesium (Mg)), in appropriate concentrations and ratios. In addition, to avoid an early depletion of blood glucose and muscle glycogen stores, it is recommended to add a mixture of carbohydrates with both rapid and prolonged absorption rates (glucose, sucrose, fructose) in order to provide the body with sufficient energy stores necessary to fuel performance. Sports beverages can be categorised into three groups: Hypertonic (>300mOsm/l), Isotonic (=300mOsm/l), and Hypotonic (<300mOsm/l). Osmolarity is a measure of solute concentration; the unit of measurement (Osm) indicating the osmotic pressure applied by a fluid compared to a reference fluid. The osmolarity measurement provides information relating to the rate of gastric emptying and to the effort required by the body to absorb a solution. The substances present in the fluid determine the energy that will be provided, the insulin response, the re-hydration capacity, and the gastric emptying speed. The ideal sports drink to consume during performance for an athlete must provide a reasonable supply of energy, generate a reasonable insulin response, have high re-hydration capacity, and a rapid gastric emptying and intestinal absorption rate.

It is important for athletes to remember to consume fluids during their performance. However, it is also important to remember that the volume of liquids ingested has a major effect on gastric emptying rates, so it is important to follow the following recommended guidelines: 100-200ml every 15-20min during exercise and no more than 800-900ml/hr). Supplements are often recommended for athletes who are required to frequently perform highly-intense, specified training regimes in order to optimise the athletic response to training. However, not all supplements are the same. It is often the case that substances consumed by the body are required to be taken in association with other metabolic co-factors in order to be absorbed and metabolised most efficiently. In some cases it is possible to exploit the carrier effect, in others it is possible to use substances in competition with each other, and in other situations standardised plant extracts or trace elements can be combined, or different absorption rates can be exploited. A profound knowledge of the body's biochemistry enables the formulation of supplements that work efficiently, and that are truly capable of resulting in enhanced sports performance. It is only by achieving an in-depth account of the nutritional dynamics of the body, following careful studies of the balance of various elements guided by tests performed on athletes, and without cutting back on the cost of raw materials used, can excellent results be obtained to aid sports performance development.

Bulk Powders™ has a range of sports supplements available for various sporting disciplines to help maximise strength and endurance performance, whether competing against yourself or others to the point of no contest - Guaranteed!

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