2015-06-28 13:48:59

Environmental and animal-friendly milk production

The HOCHDORF Group is the fourth largest milk processor in Switzerland. 95% of some 300 million kilograms of milk processed per year, we procure milk delivery organizations. 5% of our milk we get from farms from the area Hochdorf - our direct suppliers.

The good quality of Swiss milk is no accident. For many reasons responsible. First, the natural conditions are excellent for milk production. Second, milk production and processing are organized on a very high level. Among other things, the freshly collected milk is cooled in a cooling tank immediately to 4 degrees Celsius. Every second day the milk is picked up at the farm with a milk tanker. The short transport routes to our processing plants in Hochdorf and Sulgen are another advantage for obtaining the naturally high milk quality.

As your BEST PARTNER we process the best Swiss quality milk.

The Swiss Milk Producers produce the world's best milk quality. This claim, we rely on five facts:

  • The natural conditions (rainfall and temperature) are awarded in Switzerland.
  • The Swiss population is sustainable use of natural resources in order. At the international environmental monitoring (EPI) reaches Switzerland regularly the first or second place.The cows can therefore drink clean water, eat fresh grass and breathe clean air.
  • The Swiss milk production is subject to strict regulations for many decades. Quality assurance and quality control in the dairy industry are regulated by law in detail and be regularly (also unannounced) checked.
  • The questions on Swiss farmers demands for environmentally and animal-friendly production are much stricter than those in other countries. The "Ecological Examination" (PEP) aims at a holistic view of ecosystems and farms. It includes, among others, provisions for proper housing, for a balanced use of fertilizers, for regular soil analysis and an appropriate proportion of ecological compensation areas (hedges, grass verges etc.).
  • The majority of the Swiss population rejected GM foods. That is why our milk comes from non-genetically modified cows that are also not well fed with genetically engineered feed.

The environmental and animal-friendly milk production in Switzerland is the basis for our high quality and healthy products!