2015-06-28 14:49:49

Some people think the benefits of organic products are over emphasised – but do you really know the advantages of organic food items?

Let’s take milk as an example, of which whey protein is derived. When taken from mass-produced, battery cows that are fed only grains and animal by-products (ABPs - any part of an animal not intended for human consumption), it contains very low levels of nutrients as well as traces of steroids and antibiotics.

Cows with a nutritionally deficient diet, living in an unhealthy environment and injected with antibiotics and steroids to force them to produce more milk, will not produce a product of the same quality as an animal which is raised drug-free in lush green fields. Not to mention the morality of giving cows a good and pleasant quality of life.

As the health and diet of cows improve, so does the bio-availability and the nutrient profile of their milk, which in turn produces superior whey protein.

Biologically, cows get all the nutrients they need from grass and foliage alone. These nutrients are then passed on into the milk which travels through to the whey, the product of which we can absorb all the goodness.

At Primal Organics we hold both the EU organic certificate and the organic farmer’s certificate, confirming that our whey protein is of the highest quality. We choose to be organic because we believe everything we do should be to the highest standard.