2015-06-28 14:47:17

Having become a staple for fitness fans, protein is here to stay. But for the particularly health conscious, traditional types of non-organic protein just isn’t cutting the mustard anymore – introduce organic protein from grass-fed cows!

Kept on organic pastures, grass-fed cows consume the diet nature intended for them and aren’t subjected to grains, soy or any other additives such as antibiotics or growth hormones. Cows that are left to graze how they wish, grow to their optimum size and in turn, produce milk that is naturally full of nutrients and goodness.

Health and welfare of grass-fed cows is of optimum importance to their farmers – left to roam free in pastures, they are healthier and much less vulnerable to disease. Their grain-fed counterparts are typically found on mass-production farms, where the emphasis is on harvesting milk rather than the quality of the product or the well-being of the animals.

Three top benefits of grass-fed whey protein:

  • Milk taken from grass-fed cows is significantly higher in omega-3 fatty acids. A new study on organic milk has found that it has 62 percent more omega-3s, compared to milk produced by cows on conventional dairy farms.
  • Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is another of the beneficial nutrients found in the milk derived from cows fed on organic pastures. CLA and omega-3 fatty acids are both linked to a reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer, as well as proving to strengthen your bones and immune system.

  • Glutathione is a protein with antioxidant activity which draws out toxins from the body and is found in both meat and dairy produce. The highest levels of this protein are found in products taken from cattle fed on organic pastures because grass is naturally high in glutathione.