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Power of Organic Whey Protein

2015-06-28 14:53:15

Whey protein is one of, if not the most used supplement in the fitness industry today. It’s become so popular that it is now being widely consumed not only by athletes, but by the general public to supplement their diets and increase exercise efficiency.

Why is Whey the most preferential type of protein?

One of it’s key strengths is its high bioavailability, having the highest biological value of any other known protein source. This means it’s extremely quick to digest and be assimilated by the body, in turn having enormous benefits for fitness fanatics by quickly getting all the amino acids to where they are needed.

Sometimes bodies don’t repair as quickly as we would like, particularly after exercise. Whey protein contains all the essential amino acids your body needs, making it the ideal way to heal and repair the body.

Whey also helps reduce hunger as it promotes decreased levels of the hormone which makes you feel peckish, so curb those post-workout cravings with a protein shake.

In general, protein demands increase massively in active individuals and especially in those that participate in regular strength training. By increasing your protein intake, toning and building muscles becomes much more straight forward. If you don’t give your body what it needs, you won’t see the results you’re working so hard for.

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Some people think the benefits of organic products are over emphasised – but do you really know the advantages of organic food items?

Let’s take milk as an example, of which whey protein is derived. When taken from mass-produced, battery cows that are fed only grains and animal by-products (ABPs - any part of an animal not intended for human consumption), it contains very low levels of nutrients as well as traces of steroids and antibiotics.

Cows with a nutritionally deficient diet, living in an unhealthy environment and injected with antibiotics and steroids to force them to produce more milk, will not produce a product of the same quality as an animal which is raised drug-free in lush green fields. Not to mention the morality of giving cows a good and pleasant quality of life.

As the health and diet of cows improve, so does the bio-availability and the nutrient profile of their milk, which in turn produces superior whey protein.

Biologically, cows get all the nutrients they need from grass and foliage alone. These nutrients are then passed on into the milk which travels through to the whey, the product of which we can absorb all the goodness.

At Primal Organics we hold both the EU organic certificate and the organic farmer’s certificate, confirming that our whey protein is of the highest quality. We choose to be organic because we believe everything we do should be to the highest standard.


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Having become a staple for fitness fans, protein is here to stay. But for the particularly health conscious, traditional types of non-organic protein just isn’t cutting the mustard anymore – introduce organic protein from grass-fed cows!

Kept on organic pastures, grass-fed cows consume the diet nature intended for them and aren’t subjected to grains, soy or any other additives such as antibiotics or growth hormones. Cows that are left to graze how they wish, grow to their optimum size and in turn, produce milk that is naturally full of nutrients and goodness.

Health and welfare of grass-fed cows is of optimum importance to their farmers – left to roam free in pastures, they are healthier and much less vulnerable to disease. Their grain-fed counterparts are typically found on mass-production farms, where the emphasis is on harvesting milk rather than the quality of the product or the well-being of the animals.

Three top benefits of grass-fed whey protein:

  • Milk taken from grass-fed cows is significantly higher in omega-3 fatty acids. A new study on organic milk has found that it has 62 percent more omega-3s, compared to milk produced by cows on conventional dairy farms.
  • Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is another of the beneficial nutrients found in the milk derived from cows fed on organic pastures. CLA and omega-3 fatty acids are both linked to a reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer, as well as proving to strengthen your bones and immune system.

  • Glutathione is a protein with antioxidant activity which draws out toxins from the body and is found in both meat and dairy produce. The highest levels of this protein are found in products taken from cattle fed on organic pastures because grass is naturally high in glutathione.
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The Swiss Milk Difference

2015-06-28 13:48:59

Environmental and animal-friendly milk production

The HOCHDORF Group is the fourth largest milk processor in Switzerland. 95% of some 300 million kilograms of milk processed per year, we procure milk delivery organizations. 5% of our milk we get from farms from the area Hochdorf - our direct suppliers.

The good quality of Swiss milk is no accident. For many reasons responsible. First, the natural conditions are excellent for milk production. Second, milk production and processing are organized on a very high level. Among other things, the freshly collected milk is cooled in a cooling tank immediately to 4 degrees Celsius. Every second day the milk is picked up at the farm with a milk tanker. The short transport routes to our processing plants in Hochdorf and Sulgen are another advantage for obtaining the naturally high milk quality.

As your BEST PARTNER we process the best Swiss quality milk.

The Swiss Milk Producers produce the world's best milk quality. This claim, we rely on five facts:

  • The natural conditions (rainfall and temperature) are awarded in Switzerland.
  • The Swiss population is sustainable use of natural resources in order. At the international environmental monitoring (EPI) reaches Switzerland regularly the first or second place.The cows can therefore drink clean water, eat fresh grass and breathe clean air.
  • The Swiss milk production is subject to strict regulations for many decades. Quality assurance and quality control in the dairy industry are regulated by law in detail and be regularly (also unannounced) checked.
  • The questions on Swiss farmers demands for environmentally and animal-friendly production are much stricter than those in other countries. The "Ecological Examination" (PEP) aims at a holistic view of ecosystems and farms. It includes, among others, provisions for proper housing, for a balanced use of fertilizers, for regular soil analysis and an appropriate proportion of ecological compensation areas (hedges, grass verges etc.).
  • The majority of the Swiss population rejected GM foods. That is why our milk comes from non-genetically modified cows that are also not well fed with genetically engineered feed.

The environmental and animal-friendly milk production in Switzerland is the basis for our high quality and healthy products!

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Why Choose Bulk Powders™

Would you pay up even a fraction of a cost for obscene celebrity endorsements & humungous advertisement budgets running from thousands to millions of dollars? We bet you wouldn't want to. That's why we are here. We are able to offer you unbeatable prices on major sports nutrition products. By buying directly from the world's leading ingredient manufacturers, eliminating ALL middlemen (distributors, retailers and other commission agents), we are able to offer rock bottom prices on all major sports nutrition products. We shop around the world to provide you with the very best in business, something even big brands don't bother to.
We offer world's finest quality proteins, flavouring systems, amino acids and standardised herbal extracts to our customers. You won't find us spiking out proteins with cheap amino acids such as Lysine (which is used as pig feed) and creatine monohydrate to spike up the protein levels. Major companies do that to add more profit margins by adding these cheap amino acids (while using inferior quality protein such as WPC30 or WPC70 in just about every protein product they get their hands on while marketing them as "Highly Anabolic Formula". What you see is what you get from us. 100% pure protein with absolutely zero additives added to it. The protein percentage depicted on the label is for real. A certificate of analysis of every products is available on request. 
We offer some of the largest range of products that actually work! All the ingredients what we have on offer have undergone extensive scientific human trials on their safety as well as effectiveness.
We don't want our customers to lurch in dark when it comes to knowing how much of a particular ingredient is actually inside the bottle he/she has just bought. No pixie dust amounts to make a product look like "Damn! It's Loaded with SO MANY ingredients". Everything is clearly put down and included in legitimate quantities as per as scientific studies.
We make sure that the milk proteins you're using are derived from cows/buffaloes which are NOT treated with r-BGH/Antibiotics, are grass fed, free range (and not tied up year along chugging down GMO Corn feed). We guarantee that all the milk proteins (including whey protein concentrate, isolate, hydrolysate, micellar casein, milk protein isolate, hydrolysed casein) are sourced from leading dairies in Denmark, Switzerland and Germany. One simply cannot get a better quality milk from anywhere in the world than these countries.
Did you know that most branched chain amino acid (BCAA) supplements are made with synthetic amino acids, derived from human hair or bird feathers? Because eating human hair or duck feathers is disgusting, we make sure that all amino acid products we carry are manufactured from 100% natural, raw ingredients (vegetables) of non-animal origin. Guaranteed 100% Vegan Amino Acids with near 100% purity. Impurities found in other brands of amino acids can be as much as six times higher.
All the products are manufactured and packaged at our state of manufacturing facility located in Zwickau, Germany - typical to very high German standards - true to it's "Made in Germany" heritage before exported all the way to India. Due to our centralised manufacturing location in Europe and even shorter lead times, we're able to formulate, manufacture and ship the product at a very fast rate which leads to unparalleled product freshness before it reaches your doorstep.
95% or more sports nutrition products in the market are currently loaded with potential harmful artificial flavours, sweeteners, colours and preservatives. Potential side effects may include diminished sex drive, gastrointestinal problems, seizures, dizziness, and migraines, blurred vision, allergic reactions, blood sugar increases and weight gain. Taking products that are loaded with artificial colours, sweeteners and potentially dangerous chemicals seems like we are taking a step back from our ultimate goal - to feel and look great. That is why we choose to create only the best, using evidence-based nutrients from the world's top suppliers, in researched doses without any unnecessary, unproven ingredients making sure that they are naturally flavoured and sweetened to perfection.
Many of us knowingly or unknowingly consume non-veg shiny shells derived from cows, pigs and other animals. Approximately 70% of the companies use gelatin capsules which are cheap. Gelatin is an animal by-product that is formed from collagen, a protein obtained from connective tissues, as well as certain organs of animals, which majority of our consumers see as a major drawback. So, absolutely no religious sentiments to play with, we make sure that all of our capsule products are guaranteed 100% vegetarian/vegan and made from pine-derived plant cellulose, or fermented tapioca – 100% safe and traceable while preservative-free, GMO & gluten free, 100% biodegradable and wholly sustainable. Additionally, unlike gelatin capsules, vegetarian capsules have no known potential health risks, even when consumed in a long term scenario as they are 100% natural and nontoxic.